Bette Stockbauer-Harris has compiled information and created PowerPoint presentations about the Pribyl brothers for public venues. These are listed below, some with links to content included in the presentations.

(1) Texas A&M University - SVU 2009 Regional Conference (SVU is the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences) - June 6, 2009. This 20-minute presentation entitled “The Czech Letters of Jan and Ferdinand Pribyl” consisted of selections from the letters of Jan and Ferdinand Pribyl, with a PowerPoint slide show of photos of the brothers and the art of Ferdinand Pribyl at the Memorial Student Center. The text can be viewed here, and the slide notations in the text refer and link to the PowerPoint slides which accompanied the presentation. The slides of the PowerPoint presentation can be viewed in a new window here, where you may view individual slides or launch a slideshow.

(2) The University of Texas at San Antonio Institute of Texan Cultures - November 21, 2009. A presentation entitled “Ferdinand Pribyl, the Artist and the Man” occasioned the opening of an exhibition titled "The Nativity Art of Ferdinand Pribyl", scheduled to run from Nov. 21, 2009 – Jan. 3, 2010. On display were two complete panoramic scenes, both the Stockbauer and Staha family scenes, individual figures from other scenes, and other artwork. At the opening of the exhibition, Bette delivered a PowerPoint presentation on Ferdinand's life and art. The text of her talk can be viewed here and a video of the talk and 30-minute PowerPoint presentation may be viewed here. (Note: You may have to override your browser's security settings to allow the video script to play.)

(3) Czech Heritage Society of Texas - 2010 Annual Meeting - July 31, 2010. 30-minute PowerPoint presentation entitled "The Letters and Art of Jan and Ferdinand Pribyl" at Holy Family Catholic Church Activity Center in Victoria, Texas.

(4) (TCHCC) - Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center - Dec. 11, 2010. Presentation “Ferdinand Pribyl, the Artist and the Man” delivered at the opening of "An Exhibit of Nativity Art" in La Grange. Exhibit on view Nov. 1, 2010-Jan. 6, 2011.

(5) Texas Czech Genealogical Society - Biannual meeting/"Czech Roots and Christmas Memories" - October 15, 2011. A PowerPoint presentation of "The Letters and Art of Jan and Ferdinand Pribyl". Held at the Caldwell Civic and Visitor Center in Caldwell, Texas.

(6) (TCHCC) - Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center - Dec. 10, 2011. “Ferdinand Pribyl, the Artist and the Man” was presented at the formal opening of the exhibit entitled "Nativity Art Around the World", open for view from Nov. 21, 2011-Jan. 20, 2012.

(7) (TCHCC) -Dec. 13, 2011. “Ferdinand Pribyl, the Artist and the Man” - special presentation for 3 Czech Language classes from the Schulenberg campus of Blinn College, taught by Thaddeus Polasek. Thaddeus was a translator for a large number of the letters of Jan and Ferdinand Pribyl.

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